USB steers the future of connections

USB steers the future of connections

While Universal Serial Bus (USB) connections continue to be the future focus for peripherals manufacturer Logitech's after-market operations, demand at retail for legacy ports keeps the new products coming without them.

Marco Manera, general manager of Logitech Australia, said the company has been supporting USB since the beginning and he has seen good business growth with OEM system builders and in digital imaging products.

The latest connective standard is used in almost all Logitech digital video cameras while mice, steering wheels and joysticks with USB connections are all on the rise, he said. As economies of scale in production take off, prices are expected to fall and the view that there is retail opportunity in USB is still true, he said.

"For resellers, the whole USB story is one of opportunity," Manera said. "When you sell a computer with USB connections, a whole new world of peripheral options opens to the customer - and the reverse is also the case.

"Many people will be attracted by the features of the latest digital cameras and PC video cameras which have USB connections. This may be enough incentive for them to buy a new computer. The other advantage is that USB product is marketable to both Wintel and Macintosh users. For retailers that means there aren't two SKUs for the same product."

Manera also said introducing customers to the plug-and-play peripherals and throughput speed benefits of USB peripherals can easily be achieved with minimum disturbance to an existing store layout.

Despite touting USB, Manera was speaking to ARN after introducing a $99 (RRP) non-USB steering wheel and pedal set under its plain Jane Dexxa brand. Previously offering two USB drive controls, one for $369 with force feedback technology and a $199 version without it, the Dexxa Steering Wheel gives Logitech an entry-level offering to a growth market.

The Dexxa brand name allows Logitech to be in the market with "a new product aimed at the low end", where Manera said it needs to have a presence without detracting from the quality association the Logitech brand holds.

Many new USB products are planned for the next six months, Manera said.

Logitech products are distributed nationally by:

Dataflow Computer Services

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