Alstom targets SMEs with mobile services

Alstom targets SMEs with mobile services

Alstom IT is to launch a new managed service this month targeted at the SME market. The distributor is joining forces with UK email appliance vendor, intY, to offer resellers a way of providing end-users with business emails delivered to a handheld device via GSM.

Four components make up the offering - handheld devices, a mobile version of intY's appliance server which sits on top of a business's email or file server, installation and a managed service.

Alstom marketing communications manager, Paul Sadler, said the product was designed as a value-add for the company's smaller resellers.

"The idea is that it is an easy 'do you want business emails delivered to your handheld with that' type sell which resellers can make on top of a server installation," he said. "Through it, they will receive an upfront margin and recurring revenue percentage on the service."

The managed service component of the product lay in the ongoing cleaning of emails before they were sent to users, Sadler said.

"You can select times of the day to have emails sent, edit out unwanted information such as spam disclaimers and filter who you want to receive emails from," he said. "In this way the service is attractive for SMEs as it cuts down data costs."

While products such as RIM's Blackberry handheld device offered similar capabilities to the enterprise space, Sadler said the SMB market was looking for a cheaper alternative.

"This is designed for resellers with five- to 50-seat customers and can be used for mobile sales forces, delivery drivers or executives," he said. "If you look at the UK, many of intY's resellers are running their business around this product."

In an effort to broaden the offering's appeal, the distributor was also encouraging resellers to combine the service with its Thin Print wireless printing product, Sadler said.

"With Thin Print, intY users who have an email attachment will be able to print it wirelessly instead of having to view it only on the mobile device," he said.

Alstom would further explore SME managed service offerings made available by the rest of intY's range, Sadler said. Potential areas of development included security and IT management.

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