Analyst: Linux will see double-digit growth

Analyst: Linux will see double-digit growth

In an intriguing display of attempting both to have its cake and eat it, a new report from The Yankee Group is headlined, in upbeat fashion, Linux Will Enjoy Double-Digit Growth, but comes with a careful qualifying sub-title, But Don't Expect Windows or UNIX to Fade Away.

In the body text of the report, the migrate-to-Linux spin is extremely cautious.

The survey shows that only 4 per cent of UNIX users and 10 per cent of Windows users have any desire to switch platforms.

Called Linux, UNIX and Windows TCO Comparison, Part 2, it indeed advises corporations to delay a Linux migration - or any software migration - "until they can satisfactorily answer how a software operating system migration, upgrade or wholesale switch to another platform can deliver tangible technology benefits, better return on investment [ROI] and improve the total cost of ownership [TCO]."

On the plus side, The Yankee Group's TCO and ROI research showed that Linux had significant momentum and the support of impassioned developers and industry giants such as IBM, HP and Oracle.

"Additionally, the list of Linux distributors and third-party ISVs joining established vendors, such as Red Hat, Novell (SUSE), Debian and others, is growing monthly," the report stated.

Yankee analyst, Laura DiDio, said: "Our conversations with end-users cemented the Yankee Group's belief that no operating system is right for everyone. Each company must look within. Make a realistic assessment of their existing software operating system infrastructure. Decide whether the current infrastructure meets your company's current and planned business needs and goals. Balance your business requirements against your current and future budget and then chart your technology course.

"UNIX and Windows are mature platforms that continue to evolve technically.

"For many large enterprises with significant financial investments and embedded physical and services and support infrastructure, it is not fiscally feasible or technically advantageous to discard Windows. Only a small minority [4 per cent] of UNIX users and about 10 per cent of Windows users have any desire to switch platforms."

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