Intel server chips dubbed Xeon line

Intel server chips dubbed Xeon line

Intel last week announced Pen-tium II Xeon, the brand name for a forthcoming line of processors designed for use in workstations and servers.

The first Xeon processors will be introduced midyear, with systems from Intel's manufacturing partners expected to follow soon after, Intel said. The company also said the first processors are expected to run at 400MHz.

The new name is part of Intel's initiative to offer a line of branded processors for each segment of the computing market. Earlier this month Intel rolled out its first Pentium II processors for mobile PCs, and is shipping Celeron -- a processor for low-end PCs.

The Pentium II Xeon (pronounced Zee-on) will be offered in two broad types, one for use in servers and one for workstations.

Over time, Xeon is expected to replace Intel's Pentium Pro processor, the chip the company currently targets at that segment of the market.

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