Traffic control for Ethernet

Traffic control for Ethernet

New in the SMC product line is the TigerSwitch XFE, which the company says is a high bandwidth, buffered switch designed to relieve congestion on high-traffic Ethernet networks. SMC says the TigerSwitch XFE offers a combination of Ethernet and Fast Ethernet switching as well as industry-standard network management, filtering capabilities, 16 10Base-T ports and a 100 Mbit/sec Fast Ethernet uplink.

Bandwidth supplied by its 16 Ethernet ports can be shared by workstations connected to segmented repeater groups in a hub stack, or it can be dedicated to individual workstations running high-bandwidth applications. Likewise, the bandwidth of the 100Mbit/sec uplink port can be shared by a server farm connected to a fast Ethernet hub, or it can be dedicated to a Fast Ethernet backbone connection.

Other features of the TigerSwitch XFE include a 2Mb packet buffer, 16,000 MAC address table, automatic address learning and destination MAC address filtering. The TigerSwitch XFE is available now at $5,099 excluding tax.

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