Nintendo GameCube ‘claims’ second place in Europe

Nintendo GameCube ‘claims’ second place in Europe

Nintendo has claimed that its GameCube console has 25 per cent of the market share in Europe, putting the console ahead of the Xbox in the region.

A new GameCube bundle that includes Zelda Collector’s Edition and Mario Kart: Double Dash! for $US168 should ensure the console sits in an even more solid position against the Xbox.

While Nintendo has been openly touting its edge over the Xbox, the latest figures from Chart-Track show that the GameCube is outsold by the Xbox 2.5 to one and the PS2 by 7.5 to one.

These same figures also showed that GameCube sales dropped 15 per cent while Xbox sales increased 3 per cent, putting Nintendo’s console behind Xbox sales by a three to one ratio.

In contrast to Nintendo’s reports on GameCube sales, Microsoft has been largely silent about the European success of the Xbox console. This could be because it wants to portray the PS2 as the only real contender or simply that it’s saving its marketing blitz for a later time.

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