Tabloid: Assembly war

Tabloid: Assembly war

An undeclared war of words has broken out in the Australian PC channel, and, just like a nuclear war, no one can win.

Allegations of failure to deliver, technical incompetence, financial instability and even illegal activity are currently circulating in the Australian PC assembly market, with fingers being pointed in all directions.

And it's not just the so-called backyard operations. One of Intel's biggest local OEM customers was the subject of an attempted smear last week, with the source of the information appearing to be another fledgling system assembler.

While Tabloid has the names of those concerned, they will not be revealed for fear of amplifying the crime and encouraging others.

"It's not enough that we're constantly battling the multinationals for the scraps of business that fall from the table," the latest smear victim said. "If other local builders stick the knife in our back, it only damages the whole industry and plays right into the big boy's hands," he said.

The Matrix stunt double spotted in SydneyFollowing a great performance in Bill and Ted's excellent adventure, Keanu Reeves' stunt double was recently spotted in Sydney where his latest hit The Matrix was filmed. The word is that those scenes featuring the Reeves stunt double were this time left on the cutting room floor.

Actually it's Steve Lombardi, product line director, Web products at MapInfo.

Systems Union shows its class

There's nothing like a bit of culture in the margin-driven world of the IT channel. So an invitation to join Systems Union boss John Pemberton for a private viewing of the Archibald Prize finalists on display at the New South Wales Art Gallery was snapped up by a certain Tabloid snoop.

Risking exposure to boring speeches and the usual corporate gibberish, our scribe, a seasoned veteran of corporate nosh ups was, well, dumbstruck by the delightful soiree.

"Everything was classy, the speeches were short and sweet, the champagne chilled, the hors d'oeuvres hot and tasty, and I even liked Euan MacLeod's winning work," she said.

Not enough that some of Australia's best artworks were on display, the waiters provided Systems Union's guests (customers, channel partners and media) with an impromptu performance of some famous opera arias. "Even the street theatre was excellent," our culture-crazed correspondent reported.

Could this be a new trend in corporate IT functions? . . . what would Tabloid have to report if all such events were so sickeningly pleasant? by Sandy CremornePR company to practice Ecky Thump*The proliferation of journalism graduates from tertiary institutions all over the country is dragging down the average age (and salary) of the honest, hard-working IT hack.

One seasoned PR chick was overheard by a Tabloid correspondent commenting to a colleague that it is getting tougher and tougher to know just what sort of promotion they need to put on to get the bums of youthful members of the press into their client's seats.

"We used to be able to guarantee a good roll-up by booking a good restaurant and promising good wine," said our frustrated media spin doctress. "That doesn't work any more. We're seriously thinking about holding a press conference for one of our clients at 1.00am in the Black Market CafŽ (a notorious Sydney late night dance club).

"We'll play dance music all night and the journos will be given an ecstasy tablet and a bottle of mineral water as they come in."

*A reference to the ancient Welsh martial art of Ecky Thump. For more information e-mail by Cat Beauchamp3Com's MIG for gig's promotionTabloid has discovered another "blip" on its shameless self-promotion radar, this time in the form of a Russian-made MIG fighter plane offered by networking vendor 3Com.

In cahoots with distributor LAN Systems, 3Com is offering a flight in the MIG for resellers who place orders in excess of $100,000 of Gigabit Ethernet products during April and May.

And so keen are they to get their resellers on the MIG that one will also be drawn at random from each state to go supersonic as part of the promotion.

Although anticipating a successful promotion, sources within 3Com haven't been able to divulge how many resellers will fit into a MIG fighter - a potentially difficult exercise in PR logistics. Sources have confirmed that the flight will not include any low-level passes over our northern neighbours by Smokey Possumtree

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