Oracle sheds hundreds of marketing jobs

Oracle sheds hundreds of marketing jobs

Oracle cut hundreds of marketing jobs last month, eliminating complete teams on the database, application server and collaboration suite side of the company, sources have claimed.

The cuts were made on October 13. Oracle has confirmed a “restructuring” in the marketing department but would not specify the number of layoffs or provide further details.

It said more information would be divulged as part of the company’s quarterly earning announcements in early December.

Oracle spokesperson, Jennifer Glass, declined to comment about layoff numbers and repeated that Oracle gave global headcount numbers at each earnings report.

The changes in the marketing division were part of the normal course of fine-tuning the company, she said.

Insiders were expecting marketing to be hit after the appointment of executive vice-president, Chuck Phillips, as head of the unit in July.

The extent of the cuts, however, was larger than expected, the sources said.

One source claimed 400 positions were cut, another said the cuts were in the hundreds.

Phillips, a former Wall Street analyst who joined Oracle in May, replaced 14-year Oracle veteran, Mark Jarvis, in an extended shake-up at the top of the database and application vendor.

Oracle employed 40,324 people worldwide as of August 31, Glass said.

About 900 of those worked in the worldwide marketing group, a source within Oracle said.

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