Vendors pop out new tablets

Vendors pop out new tablets

ViewSonic and Toshiba have both used the Comdex trade show to launch new Tablet PCs, advancing a relatively new type of computer that has found some success in vertical markets but been slow to gain widespread use.

ViewSonic’s V1250 is its first convertible Tablet PC, which means it has a swivel screen and can be used as both a traditional notebook or as a pen-based portable tablet.

It had a 12.1-inch screen, used Intel’s Centrino chip package for wireless connectivity, and weighed in at a fraction under 1.8 kg, ViewSonic said.

Pricing starts at $US1795.

In tablet mode, the device has a small navigation pad that protrudes from the right of the screen with buttons for tasks like scrolling, toggling between applications and launching Internet Explorer. It comes with a docking station.

Toshiba has announced its M200, which also has a 12.1-inch screen and uses Intel’s Centrino chip. It comes with a novel docking station that lets the user tilt the machine to an upright position for use as a primary monitor, or fold it flat for use as a tablet.

Touch-screen buttons can be programmed by the end user to open different applications, and zooming software makes it easier to adjust the size of icons. Pricing starts at $US2499, according to a Toshiba spokesperson.

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