Red Rock signs with Princeton Softech

Red Rock signs with Princeton Softech

A tough IT spending outlook is good news for database archiving vendor, Princeton Softech, according to its international vice-president, Ian Henderson.

As storage requirements grow, IT departments are being asked to achieve more with less money, and Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) could enable them to decrease the cost of archiving, he said.

“Companies are struggling with the cost of managing ongoing growth of enterprise data,” Henderson said.

“At present, businesses tend to take one of two options — either they invest heavily in hardware upgrades and increasing storage capacity, protecting all their data but incurring huge costs in the process; or they do nothing and face poor application performance and the risk of losing critical information.

“ILM offers a different approach because it ensures resources are directed towards preserving the most valuable data. ILM involves tracking data throughout its lifecycle and includes solutions that provide users with faster and more reliable methods of storing and accessing that data.”

Database archiving vendor, Princeton Softech, and recently signed partner, Red Rock Consulting, took this ILM message on the road in a series of customer seminars this month.

Oracle integrator, Red Rock, signed up with Princeton Softech a couple of months ago to sell and install its Active Archive Solutions product range, which dovetails with Oracle’s product set.

“The issue with Oracle is that it doesn’t have an archiving strategy,” Red Rock director, Jonathan Rubinsztein, said. “Hence the relationship with Princeton.”

The Active Archive Solutions aimed to manage database growth while ensuring easy access to archived data stored on the most cost effective medium — reducing the cost of compliance asso­ciated with managing and storing relational data.

On the road to bolstering its application-specific solutions (including DB2 and Oracle), Henderson said Princeton hoped to “become a one stop shop for database archiving”.

To enable this, the vendor was courting high level integrator partners such as Red Rock, he said. While Princeton had a small direct presence outside of North America, its partners helped it to achieve 45 per cent of its sales outside of the US.

“We can only effectively do that with partners — local partners and big global players,” Henderson said.

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