Planet Netcom offers free broadband to resellers

Planet Netcom offers free broadband to resellers

Planet Netcom is offering a free broadband account to any qualified reseller that signs up to the Internet Service Provider’s channel program.

Dealers that join Planet Netcom’s channel program on its Web site receive a free starter kit and point of sale material. Once they have at least five dial-up customers and five broadband customers, and providing they earn a certain amount of Planet Netcom business per month, resellers are offered a free 256Kbps Unlimited plan valued at $69 for their own use. If resellers wish for a more expensive plan, they can simply take $69 off the price of the premium service.

“We want all of our resellers on broadband, more importantly we want them using Planet Netcom broadband,” Planet Netcom channel development manager, Bill McArthur, said. “The reseller will be inclined to promote a product they’re using. As the connection is usually at the store, the customer will be able to demonstrate our service.”

McArthur said the incentive was available to resellers of Planet Netcom’s ADSL, satellite and soon-to-be-announced microwave connectivity plans.

Planet Netcom offers resellers commissions of about $55 for small broadband plans, ranging up to margins in the thousands of dollars for larger business plans.

“We looked around at other reseller programs and most ISP’s offer $20 to $50,” McArthur said.

The company claims that these margins have attracted about 400 resellers to Planet Netcom since it launched its reseller program in June.

“The biggest problem we have right now is keeping up with demand,” he said.

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