Network Associates launches Active security

Network Associates launches Active security

Network Associates last week launched Active Security, which the company claims centrally secures and manages an entire network's defence concerns.

Zach Nelson, executive vice president, marketing and alliances, Network Associates, explains the concept behind Active Security as an attempt to "bind together" manage and automate all the products needed in securing a network to avoid the distribution of security management among multiple products.

"The active ingredient of Active Security is the Event Orchestrator. It is the central communicator of the system," claims Nelson. Active Security deploys sensors on the network to detect hacker breaches, viruses and other threats. Those sensors then report back to the central hub, the Orchestrator, which communicates relevant actions to various elements of the matrix, such as the firewall and the alert system.

Network Associates' aim was to develop a system immune to proprietary technology, while Event Orchestrator allows the integration of security products across any network. To this end NAI has partnered with Microsoft and Sun Microsystems who have announced plans to take advantage of the modular design to plug their firewall products into Event Orchestrator and devise a customised Active Security system.

Partnering agreements go beyond cross platform integration with Nelson explaining that partners will also help with the distribution of Active Security in Australia.

"We will push this product to market through our partners and their existing channels. In the case of HP for example we will target small and medium enterprises and combine HP's hardware with our security software and push it aggressively through the channel."

Network Associates prefer to package Event Orchestrator with other elements of its own Active Security suite, including CyberCop, version 5.0, which monitors critical systems and searches for signs of attack.

CyberCop also collects data on known network vulnerabilities. It automatically updates its database to include new hacker signatures and possible threats, which the system is then alert for.

Encryption services for Network Associates Active Security package come in the form of PGP VPN client which integrates e-mail, file and disk encryption.

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