Real-time enterprise is coming, but not yet

Real-time enterprise is coming, but not yet

The emerging business discipline of real-time enterprise (RTE) is gaining traction with the business world - but it could take years before it comes to fruition, according to Gartner.

RTE uses up-to-date information to progressively remove delays in managing and executing critical business processes, Gartner’s research director in Europe, Mark Raskino, said.

“It’s a 10-year endeavour,” he said.

It would take time to migrate the majority of systems and processes to RTE, Raskino said.

“This is all about process change — moving toward immediate detection and repeating of key business events,” he said.

The enterprise network running RTE includes FTP, HTTP, Mom, SOAP and TCP/IP.

Today’s now economy — where services, goods and action are accelerated — is forcing businesses to change the way they operate, he said. Companies need to “slash end-to-end response times to meet the pace of the external environment”.

Using a host of technologies — including warehouse, wireless and Web services as well as applications such as tagging, instant messaging (IM), ERP, CM and business activity monitoring (BAM) — companies can sense and track, do intelligent analysis, effectively react, collaborate a response and offer controlled communication.

“To sense and track in the physical world as well as the virtual world will increase – and if we don’t exploit it, our competitors will,” he said.

Often times, one arm didn’t know what the other was doing, he said. This was where controlled communication — portals — came in.

Inevitably, the trend would move towards linking processes, he said. Traditionally, when a market event happened it went to different silos since integrating technologies had been expensive and cumbersome.

But down the road specialised, real-time intelligence services would emerge, Raskino said. Examples included micro-climate weather, road traffic, media audience, people location, market data and search strings.

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