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New Land Speed Record - Recorded by nNovia Solid State QC Deck

  • 01 February, 2008 09:00

<p>The nNovia QC deck was at the heart of the on-board recording system used to record cockpit video for the 3 fastest motorcycle streamliners in the world. Held at the 2006 International Motorcycle Land Speed Trials at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah USA, the 16 year old motorcycle land speed record of 322 MPH was broken twice with the final record being set by Chris Carr driving Denis Manning’s “7” streamliner. The Manning liner averaged 350.8 MPH for a two way run on the 11 mile course. The history making event was recorded by the production crew from IGNITION 3 with a dozen cameras, three of which were in the cockpits of the streamliners.</p>
<p>The new nNovia QC deck equipped with a new 8GB solid state cartridge captured the video in one of the harshest of environments possible. At these speeds vibration from the engine and the chassis are so extreme that recordings from hard disk or tape are inadequate. “We teamed up with nNovia because we knew conventional recording hardware was not going to work, whether tape or hard drive, the vibration would cause dropouts” said Producer Dick Lague. “Two years ago when we first started talking, CEO, Larry Aubry wanted to try some new solid state ideas. We tried the first prototype in Australia in March 2006 and it showed great promise. When the big showdown of the 3 liners happened in September the new nNovia QC model allowed us to get reliable results in a very harsh environment. We don’t know of any other way we could capture this footage. The nNovia QC was a miracle for us.” Lague continued to say. In the fastest run of the meet, Sam Wheeler’s E-Z Hook liner was doing more that 355 MPH when a front tire blew. The camera captured the tire blowing and the extreme vibration as the tire came apart at that speed. In spite of the camera getting a severe shaking, the video does not have a single drop out.</p>
<p>The on-board footage will be part of the "World's Fastest Motorcycle", a two segment show to be aired on the SPEED channel on December 3rd and 10th of 1006. A DVD is also planned for release in early 2007 IGNITION3 IGNITION3 is a
production company specializing in motorsports video production. They have been working for over 2 years on this project of documenting the 3 teams whose goal it is to set a new motorcycle land speed record. From the beginning,
cockpit video was deemed an important element in telling the story of what it is like to go 350 MPH. nNovia’s new QC Deck was the key element to being able to get this critical footage.</p>
<p>About G.D.B. International
G.D.B. International is an Australian direct importer and national distributor of specialist video and multimedia products. Established in 1995, the company services the multimedia market and the consumer, semi-professional and broadcast video markets in Australia. We represent a number of well-recognised manufacturers of quality products such as Boxx Microwave Systems, Datavideo, nNovia, Audavi, Azden, Kramer and Fast Forward. Our products are centrally warehoused in Canberra and are distributed throughout all states of Australia.</p>
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