What's new from: Belkin, AirMagnet, Proxim, NetComm, D-Link

What's new from: Belkin, AirMagnet, Proxim, NetComm, D-Link


Designed for a home office or business users, the Wireless 54g) Cable/DSL Gateway Router lets users share files and a broadband Internet connection among their computers wirelessly, offering a wide working range and greatest interoperability in mixed networking environments. It includes an SPI firewall protecting the user’s network from outside intrusions by hackers. An IPSec pass-through allows the user to work from another location using VPN. The Wireless Cable/ADSL Gateway Router device comes with Easy Install Wizard software designed to make set up as simple as possible. It also incorporates an Internet content filtering software system, to monitor Internet Web site access. It is distributed in Australia by Ingram Micro.

RRP: $299.95.


The AirMagnet Distributed System is a management and security tool for the Radio Frequency element of the wireless environment. The unit leverages remote intelligent sensors, each equipped with its own analysis engine purpose-built for Wi-Fi to proactively identify over 60 conditions that can impact the integrity of wireless networks. These sensors bring network intelligence to a management console in order to identify a range of conditions that include intrusion detection, denial of services attacks, network congestion, performance reliability and even locating wireless devices that do not conform to corporate security policy. The AirMagnet Distributed System is aimed at large corporate and government markets and runs on Windows, Macintosh and Linux platforms. The AirMagnet Distributed System is distributed in Australia by Integrity Data Systems.

RRP: From $13,636 (ex. GST).


Proxim’s Tsunami MP.11a is a point-to-multipoint wireless solution designed specifically to provide near-line-of-sight wireless access in urban environments. The vendor claims connectivity between multiple buildings can be implemented easily as well as outdoor extensions to a Local Area Network (LAN). The Tsunami MP.11a is the first 802.11a hardware-based product designed to use the 5GHz band — the legal band for the Australian marketplace— and operates through the air at 54Mbps using the IEEE 802.11a standard. The MP.11a’s centralised router uses the Wireless Outdoor Router Protocol (WORP) to exchange network traffic with “subscriber units”. These units in turn communicate securely with wirelessly networked PCs, notebooks and PDAs. According to the vendor, the key advantage of the Tsunami MP.11a is that it operates on the WORP protocol, which is designed both for outdoor use and addresses security.The MP.11a is distributed in Australia by Integrity Data Systems.

RRP: Tsunami MP.11a Base Station Unit — $2025 (ex. GST) and can support 100 subscriber units; Tsunami MP.11a subscriber units range in price from $792 to $1100 (ex. GST) and can support from eight clients to an unlimited number of clients.


Australian vendor NetComm recently made its foray into warp-speed wireless, announcing its range of gear based on the new 802.11g 54Mbps protocol, including the NetComm NB5540 Router. The NB5540 is an access point, router and switch all in one, for users requiring more sophisticated wireless configurations. The NB55 series of 802.11g wireless routers are loaded with new capabilities such as multi-session VPN pass-through, VPN end-point tunnels as well as a four-port switch. Security safeguards including advanced firewall engine providing Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI)/DOS are also offered. Pending upgrades for wireless security include the move to WPA while the new 802.11x standard for wireless security, expected to be ratified later in the year, will offer even greater peace of mind for wireless users. The NB5540 is distributed nationally by Tech Pacific, BBF Computers and Peripherals, IT Wholesale and Ingram Micro.

RRP: $319 (inc. GST).


D-Link launched a new family of 802.11g+ products this month based on the TI TNETW1130 chipset which the vendor claims delivers up to eight times the performance of 802.11b average throughputs. The D-Link AirPlus Xtreme G+ product line features TI’s 802.11g+ technology, which enables high-performance, affordable Wi-Fi devices that are IEEE 802.11g compliant and offer complete interoperability (backward compatibility) and mixed-mode performance with 802.11b products. One of the D-Link AirPlus Xtreme G+ products includes the DI-624+ 2.4GHz 802.11g compliant wireless IP router suitable for DSL/Cable broadband with a four-port 10/100Mbps switch. The DI-624+ features a 11/22/54Mbps Dualband Wireless LAN access point, 64/128/256-bit Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) security support, WiFi Protected Access (WPA), Support NAT for single IP address and firewall protection and supports DHCP, VPN, PPP, PAP/CHAP Security. D-Link products are distributed in Australia by: BBF Computers and Peripherals, LAN 1, Pacific Datacom, Page Data, Synnex Australia, Tech Pacific Australia and BJE Enterprises. The D-Link AirPlus Xtreme G+ product line will be available in Australia from November.

RRP: $319 (inc. GST).

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