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Australian Country Schools the first to benefit from eZedia's award-winning Educational software. eZedia appoints Edsoft as Australian Distributor

  • 01 December, 2003 15:22

<p>SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – December 1, 2003 – eZedia Inc., a leader in digital media software technology, announces today a partnership with Edsoft, for the distribution of eZedia products to educational institutions throughout Australia.</p>
<p>“Some Australian schools are already seeing the benefits eZedia software can bring to learning,” says Alison Pitura, Vice-President Sales &amp; Marketing, eZedia Inc. “Furthering children’s education in a fun and interactive way is just one of the key benefits of eZedia’s software, but the fact that the software has been built with students in mind and is so easy to use by both teachers and K-12 students alike, is another reason why schools will be clamoring to get it.”</p>
<p>eZedia offers affordable digital learning solutions for schools that can be used with all grade levels and across the curriculum. Its current product line includes two award-wining products; eZediaMX, an easy-to-use tool for authoring and editing multimedia; and eZediaQTI, an affordable interactive QuickTime authoring application that creates media rich web pages. In addition, eZedia offers a highly acclaimed line of professional iMovie enhancements — eZeMatte, eZeScreen, eZeClip, and eZediaMotion.</p>
<p>A selection of schools in country NSW have been the first to have access to eZedia’s Educational digital learning solutions, specifically eZedia QTI, eZedia MX and eZedia Plug-ins for iMovie. Greg Alchin, a teacher who implemented the software in Central West NSW, says the schools currently using eZedia software are already seeing how this powerful technology can significantly enhance children’s education in a fun and easy to use way.</p>
<p>“Every school that has used eZedia software have been impressed by its sophistication and creative potential, along with its ease of use,” explains Greg Alchin. “For example, Perthville Public which is a small four-teacher country school located between Bathurst and Lithgow, has utilised the innovative power of eZedia’ iMovie plug ins to steal the show at this year’s international film festival, iShine! Similarly, the Anson Street School is using eZedia software to create professional looking digital portfolios and interactive videos for their students.”</p>
<p>“Both eZedia QTI and eZedia MX offer an easy-to-use drag-and-drop environment which allows students of all ages, grades, and skill levels to author CD and online content and share their work with home, school, or indeed around the world,” Greg reveals. With eZedia software the possibilities for children, students and parents alike, are endless!”</p>
<p>Allan Carrington, an Instructional Designer with the Learning and Teaching Development Unit at the University of Adelaide, is another Educator using eZedia software. Allan has a background in Educational Multimedia Development and he says that one of eZedia software’s greatest benefits is that it expands with the skills and creativity of the user.</p>
<p>"When used by students at school, eZedia software is easy to use and gives them creative freedom, yet when used by a trained multimedia developer or a teacher and academic it is feature rich and has significant depth to empower the user to 'push the envelope'," explains Allan.</p>
<p>"Adults are embracing e-learning and that is why eZedia products are some of the most exciting I've ever seen, considering the numerous benefits they deliver to us as Educators within the e-learning space," Allan reveals. "There is a generation of students arriving at universities who not only expect multimedia approaches to learning with online flexible delivery, but research is showing they are wired differently, they no longer think linearly and cannot focus just on text. Ezedia products empower both the faculty and the students to easily develop multimedia and communicate in the methodology of the future."</p>
<p>Jean Steiner, the Managing Director of Edsoft Pty Ltd, a leading supplier to educational institutions all around Australia and New Zealand, says, "We are delighted to be working with eZedia and supplying their products to Australian schools and education institutions. eZedia's tools reflect the current trend of developing students' skills in visual literacy, using technology that is both simple and powerful, to create truly stimulating multimedia projects and to promote better teaching and learning”.</p>
eZedia QTI - $145 for 1 boxed copy or $530 for a 5-user site licence.
eZedia MX - $182 for 1 boxed copy or $640 for a 5-user site licence.
eZedia plug ins Volume 1 – $126 for 1 boxed copy or $420 for a 5-user site licence.</p>
<p>FOR MORE INFORMATION: Or to arrange an interview with either Edsoft or eZedia, please contact: Annemarie or Claire at Kinetics Pty Ltd on 02) 9976 6611 or email</p>
<p>ABOUT EZEDIA INC: Founded in 1994 by Stefan Embleton, eZedia Inc. has become a leader in digital-media software technology. The company derives its name from the phrase “easy media”, underscoring its corporate focus on the delivery of easy-to-use and easy-to-learn digital media authoring and development products. eZedia is committed to providing intuitive software that simplifies the creation, integration, and delivery of digital media for people at work, home, and school.</p>
<p>eZedia’s growing family of products currently include eZediaMX, eZediaQTI, eZeMatte for iMovie, eZeScreen for iMovie, eZeClip for iMovie, eZediaMotion for iMovie, and eZedia Plug-ins for iMovie: V1. More information about eZedia Inc. is available at</p>
<p>ABOUT EDSOFT: Edsoft supplies educational institutions throughout Australia &amp; New Zealand with quality, innovative software. For information on Edsoft visit Edsoft was founded by two teachers, employs teachers and works with teachers and educators, to deliver the best tools and applications that they can source from around the world. The company has been supplying software to schools for almost 20 years and has witnessed a dramatic progression in the type of software used, the way technology is integrated in the school’s curriculum and infrastructure, and the way students learn and teachers teach. Edsoft is continually searching for the latest tools and applications to aid this progression and development. Edsoft is based in Melbourne, with staff in Sydney and Auckland, New Zealand. The Head Office can be reached on 1800 330 873. Note to Editors: eZedia, the eZedia logo, eZediaMX, eZediaQTI, eZeMatte, eZeScreen, eZeClip, and eZediaMotion are registered trademark or trademarks of eZedia Inc.</p>

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