CBL looks for large recovery opportunities

CBL looks for large recovery opportunities

Data recovery specialist, CBL Data Recovery, has opened an office in Sydney as it looks to sell its services to major vendors, system builders and IT services companies as a value-add.

The Canadian-based outfit, which has offices in nine countries, opened an office and laboratory in Brisbane back in March as a primarily consumer facing business but is now keen to take advantage of corporate opportunities.

“Part of the reason for opening in Sydney is a desire to enlist the services of resellers, systems builders, manufacturers and support organisations — you need a presence here for face to face meetings,” general manager of the Sydney CBL sales office, Guy Riddle, said.

CBL has already established a relationship with Toshiba in Canada, where every customer buying PCs or laptops with extended warranties is offered data recovery support as an additional service fee. The CBL service is offered as white label, meaning it is an invisible partner.

Riddle said CBL was already in negotiation with major vendors locally, including Toshiba, as well as with whitebox manufacturers and service providers. Potential partners would be offered annual agreements but could also use CBL services on an ad hoc basis.

Partners on annual contracts would be asked to submit the serial numbers of machines sold with data recovery insurance each month while those preferring to go ad hoc would send machines for examination as and when customers had difficulties.

CBL also offered an intranet tracking system where partners could check on the progress of particular jobs.

“Everyone is looking for extra margin wherever they can get it and this is an opportunity to add-value to the products and services they offer,” Riddle said.

“Manufacturers are selling systems on small margins and make more money on maintenance and services. Based on the volumes they are shipping, this can be a profitable sideline for them.”

CBL currently has a staff of four at its Brisbane laboratory but can call on its worldwide team to assist where necessary through internal VPN connections. Once a PC has been hooked into the system, it can be worked on remotely by a CBL engineer in Singapore, New York or London.

“Regardless of media type or operating system, we have probably seen it before,” Riddle said. “A large part of our business is standard PC hard drives but we are equally at home in rescuing data from RAID arrays, servers, floppies, optical cartridges and tapes.”

Riddle said more staff would be taken on as demand determined, adding that CBL would eventually look to have a laboratory at its Sydney Data Recovery operation and perhaps in other states.

He said CBL would also look to establish add-on relationships with software vendors such as Quicken and MYOB.

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