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Thin Systems launches Asterisk PCR terminal

  • 02 September, 2004 14:42

<p>Specialist server-based computing distributor, Thin Systems, has launched Asterisk PCR Terminal onto the Australian thin client market.</p>
<p>“The Asterisk PCR Terminal combines key functionality and exceptional price making it a no-brainer installation for systems administrators,” said Mr Michael Crocombe, Managing Director of Thin Systems.</p>
<p>“The Asterisk PCR Terminal is a hybrid thin client/fat client embedded Linux workstation running multiple applications. It acts as a thin client PC where required with functions including Citrix (full desktop or published applications), remote desktop for each of Microsoft Windows terminal server, Linux terminal server and UNIX thin client environments.</p>
<p>“It also can act as a web-browser work station and terminal emulation for UNIX or mainframe environments,” he said.</p>
<p>“So if your network workstation is running a single application say a web-browser or even a messaging tool, then the value comparison with a PC is a clear choice in favour of the PCR Terminal,” Mr Crocombe claimed.</p>
<p>The Asterisk PCR Terminal can also offer full functionality for printing, scanning, serial and USB device connection (such as PDA’s and bar-code scanners) for Windows and Citrix.</p>
<p>Additional benefits of the Asterisk PCR Terminal are its operational flexibility either in a remote location, such as branch office or warehouse or even for the home worker.</p>
<p>“The versatility and functionality at this price point makes PCR Terminal a stand-out in the local market,” said Mr Crocombe. “The Asterisk range is the back-bone of Thin Systems offering now and is at the heart of the strong growth by Thin Systems in the server-based computing sector.”</p>
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<p>PLEASE NOTE: Hi-res jpg of Mr Michael Crocombe and the Asterisk PCR Terminal are available on request.</p>
<p>About Thin Systems</p>
<p>Thin Systems Australia Pty Ltd was established in 2004 on the back of some of the most extensive and expert thin client experience in the nation. Thin Systems delivers thin client technology, Windows terminals, thin client or legacy UNIX devices to add to or renew existing infrastructure. Thin Systems provides optimum solutions throughout Australia from vendors cherry-picked around the world.</p>
<p>Currently, Thin Systems offers Asterisk PC Reviver, Asterisk PCR Terminal, Itona GIO, Itona, GIO+, Itona, XP Embedded Thin Client and Custom Terminals.</p>
<p>For further information please contact:</p>
<p>Mr Michael Crocombe, Managing Director, Thin Systems
Tel: 02 4329 5777 Email:</p>
<p>Rob Jolly, New World PR
Tel: 0431 564 337 Email:</p>

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