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3Com integrates all three Wi-Fi standards into solution packages to drive use of wireless enterprise data applications

  • 13 November, 2003 15:34

<p>3Com’s New Tri-Mode 802.11a/b/g Wireless Access Points and Client Adapters
Advance Wireless Deployments</p>
<p>Sydney, Australia, Nov. 11, 2003 – 3Com Corporation (Nasdaq: COMS) today expanded its range of wireless solutions with new tri-mode wireless LAN access points and client adapters to accomplish a critical objective in its enterprise wireless strategy – combining advanced wireless security with integrated products supporting all three Wi-Fi standards of 802.11a, 802.11b and 802.11g at a competitively affordable price. Migrating to a tri-mode wireless LAN gives users with different standards-based wireless PC cards and PCI adapters reliable network access at multiple speeds and frequencies all on the same network. Enterprise customers who purchase 3Com’s new solutions obtain the investment protection of owning highly flexible and secure wireless systems. 3Com is one of the few vendors that are offering this type of tri-mode wireless solution.</p>
<p>“As Wi-Fi standards and products evolve, enterprises face the challenge of continuously migrating to the latest technologies while simultaneously protecting existing investments. The ability to upgrade easily and cost-effectively migrate to the latest technology is a weakness of current Wi-Fi systems. According to Yankee Group’s Business WLAN Survey 2003, only 50% of WLAN-enabled organisations were very or somewhat satisfied with the ability to upgrade their wireless LANs. 3Com’s new products address this issue by integrating the three Wi-Fi standards into a single platform,” Sarah Kim, analyst at the Yankee Group.</p>
<p>“We have created opportunities for our users to take advantage of the benefits of all three wireless standards, while preserving customer investments and providing a clear path of upgrades,” said Stanimira Koleva, President Asia South, 3Com Corporation.</p>
<p>With wireless security having been addressed by new advanced security protocols, such as WPA, AES and 802.1x, the new 3Com® 802.11a/b/g products provide customers with a highly secure and flexible wireless LAN solution. The integration of wireless standards allows for a variety of enterprise wireless applications to be supported without the obstacles of past incompatibilities and lack of support.</p>
<p>This integration provides significant, practical utility for a number of industries. For example, businesses can now have its mobile workforce securely access business-critical information over a wireless LAN for faster decision-making and customer service. Hospitals can invest in the wireless network for wireless healthcare applications, such as patient information applications, at affordable costs. Schools and universities can upgrade to support different student user wireless PC “clients.” Governments can be assured of standards-based implementations for access to information and mobile collaboration among different departments.</p>
<p>Decisions to Deploy Wireless Network Made Easier
3Com has continued to make wireless advancements and deliver on a strategy of integration, as new Wi-Fi standards and wireless technology have emerged. Two years ago, 3Com had success with its delivery of 802.11b-based wireless solutions that supported data transmissions of 11 Mbp in the 2.4 GHz frequency. Then 3Com introduced 802.11a-based wireless solutions to give users access to high-speed wireless at 54 Mbps, operating in the 5 GHz range. As wireless standards continued to evolve, 3Com unveiled dual-mode 802.11a and 802.11b products in March 2003 and introduced 802.11g-based wireless products in June for higher-speed wireless in the 2.4 GHz range, compatible with 802.11b equipment. Now, 3Com’s integration of all three forms of wireless data transmission into single solutions and upgrade kits for existing customers is consistent with 3Com‘s plan to offer enterprise customers and small business customers flexible choices for upgrading or extending the data infrastructure wirelessly at a low cost of ownership.</p>
<p>Pricing and Availability
The following new wireless solutions are expected to be available in November:
· 3Com Wireless LAN Access Point 8750 - $1,099 (US list)
· 3Com Wireless LAN Access Point 8250 - $749 (US list)
· 3Com 11a/b/g Wireless PC Card with XJACK® Antenna - $135 (US list)
· 3Com 11a/b/g Wireless PCI Adapter - $110 (US list)
· 3Com 802.11g Wireless LAN Access Point Upgrade Kit - $249 (US list)
· 3Com OfficeConnect® Wireless 11a/b/g PC Card - $89 (US list)
The following new product is expected to ship in December:
· 3Com OfficeConnect Wireless 11a/b/g Access Point - $199
The following new product is expected to ship in January 2004:
· 3Com OfficeConnect Wireless 11a/b/g Cable/DSL Gateway.- $199 (US list)</p>
<p>3Com and its authorised resellers provide expert assessment and implementation services to fill resource gaps and assist customers in deploying their wireless networks. Guardian and Express maintenance service packages are also available to extend and enhance product warranty benefits.</p>
<p>About 3Com Corporation
3Com is a tier-one provider of innovative, practical and high-value voice and data networking products, services and solutions for enterprises of all sizes and public sector organisations. For further information, please visit, or the press site
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