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AAPT makes bills transparent for business customers

  • 13 November, 2003 14:29

<p>Sydney, 12 November, 2003 - Customer-focused AAPT is putting its money where its mouth is with the launch of a simple online bill analysis tool that gives customers the power to increase the value of their spending on telecommunications.</p>
<p>Jennifer Tejada, Chief Marketing Officer at AAPT, said the Online Bill Analyser is unique to AAPT, and the type of tool incumbents would be unlikely to offer, even if they could.</p>
<p>“Traditionally the large players in the industry have increased complexity for their customers, especially around billing. That’s in total contrast to our approach where the customer comes first,” said Ms Tejada.</p>
<p>“The Online Bill Analyser is a simple to use, web-based bill analysis tool that enables business customers to find answers immediately to frequently asked questions about productivity and calling patterns: questions such as how much telecommunications is costing and where common sense savings could be made.</p>
<p>“For example, say a customer wants to know how many incoming calls on a free calling number are being generated by an advertising campaign. With AAPT’s Online Bill Analyser they can, simply and immediately without fuss, just by pulling up on screen the appropriate view of the customer’s AAPT account.</p>
<p>“In addition, this innovative tool can save customers hours and hours as it lets them set up their own cost centres independent of how AAPT might see things.</p>
<p>“As a result, customers digging through their phone bills allocating costs becomes a thing of the past…that’s all done before the bill arrives!”</p>
<p>Ms Tejada said this is the first time a bill analysis tool like this has been offered to Australian business customers.</p>
<p>“Naturally, as champion of the customer, AAPT’s been first to market with just the type of simple, information rich tool that delivers transparent and immediate value to customers.”</p>
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<p>About AAPT
Established in 1991, AAPT provides a range of voice, mobile, data and Internet services to business, government, wholesale and residential customers throughout Australia, supported by an extensive national voice and data network. AAPT is a member of the Telecom New Zealand group of companies. For more information, visit</p>
<p>Further information:
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AAPT Corporate Communications
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