Iomega to introduce Rev loyalty drive

Iomega to introduce Rev loyalty drive

Iomega is planning a loyalty scheme for SMB resellers to promote its fledgling Rev family of storage products.

“We’ve just announced that Rev will have a free evaluation process,” Iomega country manager, Scott Dillon, said. “Resellers will be able to take a test drive for a week or so to demonstrate to their customers. We realise that we’re introducing a new technology and people need to see it.”

Dillon said he had enlisted a marketing company to find ways of getting resellers on board in the next few weeks. This would include direct mail and a loyalty scheme.

“We realise we need to rely on the reach of the SMB resellers as we don’t have the resources to tell the world about Rev in a fortnight,” he said.

With falling sales of its Zip drives, the withdrawal of its Clik products and the cancellation of its DCT micro-sized removable drive project, Iomega has diverted focus towards Rev which, it hopes, will cause a stir among end-users.

Touted as an alternative to tape backup and archiving, the Rev drive uses 35GB removable disks and is faster, cheaper and tougher than tape, according to Iomega.

The disks are portable hard drives that contain their own motor and platter, while the heads are held within the drive unit.

Contamination is kept to a minimum by close sealing between the disk door and drive bay, an air filtration system and automatic head-cleaning.

Although excited by the launch of Rev and the reseller reaction so far, Dillon was staying realistic.

“I don’t think it’s going to have the same dominance as Zip, but for SMEs wanting to back up or have fast and easy access to large amounts of data it quickly became apparent that Rev had no negatives,” he said.

“The reviews have been nothing but excellent.”

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