Resellers network in Canadian style

Resellers network in Canadian style

Axxis Technology’s Matthew Dickerson joined 40 other Australian resellers in Toronto for the annual Microsoft worldwide partner conference, where networking and late night rambling was high on the agenda.

In between golf sessions, prof­essional baseball games and clowning it up at riotous parties (including a ‘60s shindig), nightclubs and concerts (featuring Pat Benatar), the Down Under possie got a true taste of Canadian culture.

Besides being energised by Canadian beer and doughnuts, partners were pumped up by Microsoft’s news that it would sink $US1.7 billion into a partner program that included souped up resources and sales training, and help from an additional 350 field specialists.

The software giant, which touted the overall theme of velocity (including speed to market, customer and value), wanted partners to know it was sharpening its tools for the ultimate dogfight with Linux and IBM, its number one threat.

Biting the heads off penguin cookies on stage, Microsoft head honcho, Allison Watson — who predicts a five per cent increase on tech spending in the next 12 months — wants to give partners the ammunition to go into battle with Linux.

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