Gone Platinum

Gone Platinum

As reported in the February 21st issue of Australian Reseller News (see "Playing with dirt and crayons: Micrografx in 1996"), Micrografx has announced the Australian launch of its Platinum Licensing Plan. According to Micrografx Australia's corporate programs manager, Nilanga Wijesekera, the plan for volume licensing has been developed with small business, large corporate and government customers in mind.

The plan consists of three licence options, offering resellers the ability to tailor a licensing plan which best suits the needs of their customers.

The first option - Platinum - is for organisations which forecast purchases of 250 or more licences of any mix of qualifying Micrografx applications over a one-year period. The Corporate Plan option has been designed for medium to largesized organisations who have either an installed base of 50 or more qualifying products, or who are planning to purchase up to that amount.

At the lower end of the spectrum, Micrografx is presenting a Retail Plan option for small to medium sized organisations who have an installed base of, or who are looking to purchase, up to 50 qualifying products. "Prior to the new licensing plan, resellers at the retail level only had a licensing plan which covered FlowCharter," said Wijesekera. "They're now in a position of being able to offer their clients licensing options on a whole range of products.

"One of the biggest benefits to resellers," he said, "is that there is no requirement for them to hold extra stock. When a customer contacts them for extra site licences, the reseller only has to contact the distributor who will then provide the licence details." Subsequent to this month's buyout of Merisel by Tech Pacific, licences are available to the channel through Micrografx's distributors, Tech Pacific and Sourceware.

In the case of the higher-end Platinum Plan, Wijesekera told ARN that resellers will be able to increase their initial sale revenues by upselling their corporate customers to the Platinum Plan's maintenance option. "The maintenance option calls for upfront payment to the reseller," he said. "And this is a nice financial add-on for resellers who take advantage of it.

"We specifically designed Micrografx Platinum based on how organisations - corporate, educational and government - prefer to manage their software and services," said Felicity St. John, managing director Micrografx Australia. "Whether purchasing in volume in a single transaction or accumulating purchases over time to achieve greater discounts, customers will find that Micrografx Platinum provides a viable solution for their specific needs, both now and into the future."

If resellers have the feeling they've come across something similar to the Platinum Plan before, that's not surprising. Micrografx has specifically designed it to mirror the Microsoft Select Plan. According to Microsoft's licensing manager, Michael Morton, "The Micrografx Platinum Plan keeps Microsoft Select customers in mind and uses a similar licensing model to deliver superior value."

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