Time is running out for Microsoft

Time is running out for Microsoft

There is consternation inside Microsoft this week, with the revelation of a severe date problem in Windows 95. Anyone using the product beyond the year 2099 will find that the date reverts to 1980. Microsoft Australia MD Chris Kelliher told ARN that he was unwilling to take the full blame, "as I was living in New Zealand at the time that part of the code was cut."

The company is reported to have hired actuaries from one of the larger insurance companies in a desperate bid to determine how many original purchasers of the product will still be using it in the year 2100. Microsoft's manager of date-related problems, Kevin Burke, has been given the task of ensuring that sufficient funds are set aside to cover tech support problems that are due to occur in 103 years. "We raffled a copy of Flight Simulator down at the local shops, then invested the $49 in a credit union account. I estimate that by the time the problem hits there'll be $8.3 million there," he said.

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