AMD rolls out Pentium alternative

AMD rolls out Pentium alternative

AMD has finally come up with its Pentium alternative in the shape of the AMD5k86 processor. Previously code-named the "K5", the AMD chip delivers performance equivalent to that of a Pentium processor for lower prices, said Vijay Parmar, regional marketing manager.

Parmar says AMD will initially roll out chips that are the equivalent of Intel's Pentium 75MHz and 90MHz processors. Although the chips are already trickling off the product line, PCs equipped with the processor are not due till the middle of the second quarter, according to Parmar, who adds the AMD5k86 is being priced "aggressively". The P75 costs $US75, the P90 is $US99. That will result in PCs that cost between $US50 and $US100 less than "Intel Inside" counterparts, Parmar said.

After the initial rollout, AMD will begin ramping up the performance of the chip, delivering P100, P120 and P133 chips in the third quarter. A P150 will be available before the end of the year. These chips will let AMD move out of the entry-level market and into the mainstream PC arena, Parmar said.

All AMD5k86 chips are 100 per cent compatible with their Intel counterparts and are Microsoft Windows 95-certified, he said.

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