Attachmate, CA link up

Attachmate, CA link up

Attachmate and Computer Associates have joined forces to provide IBM 3270 tools for CA's Cobol client/server environments. Under the partnership, Attachmate's QuickApp will support CA-Visual Realia, a client/server tool that lets Cobol programmers create mission-critical graphical applications.

Phil Jordan, Attachmate Australasia's managing director, said: "Attachmate and CA share much of the same client base - corporate development sites in Australia and New Zealand that are Cobol-based."

Computer Associates will include an introductory version of QuickApp with all copies of CA-Visual Realia, which enables users to sample the product's capabilities. For existing CA-Visual Realia users, QuickApp will be available free of charge from Attachmate's Web page at www.attachmate.comAdditionally, Attachmate is shipping Remote LAN Node (RLN) 4 and RLN Access Server 4.1. New features in RLN 4.1 include streamlined server and client installations, enhanced management, internal modem support, and optional routing of IP and IPX, as well as DHCP server functionality for dynamic IP addressing of remote clients and roaming dial-back support.

"This release of Remote LAN Node lets companies extend the scope of their corporate intranets beyond the confines of the local corporate campus with an easy to use and manage solution," Jordan said.


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