Novell nabs pirates

Novell nabs pirates

Novell is taking action against resellers who are illegally selling NetWare software. The manufacturer has obtained "legally binding undertakings from all companies involved" to prohibit them from selling Novell products. Further legal action may be forthcoming.

Novell managing director Graeme Inchley told ARN Novell learns of most illegal sales from end users. "Someone will ring up and say 'I bought this stuff and I asked for a manual or I asked for a licence disk, and they didn't give it to me'," he said. "Our greatest concern is that purchasers of unauthorised [software] are not receiving the support that Novell provides, and may not be receiving upgrades."

Although Inchley says "only a handful" of illegally operating resellers have been identified, he acknowledges the scale of the problem is difficult to determine. "I don't know, but what I suspect is that if you know about a few, there's potentially quite a few others," Inchley said.

One company that Novell has identified as selling its software illegally is Melbourne-based Alloy Computer Products. Alloy general manager John Williams refused to comment when contacted by ARN. Inchley says Novell has established a hotline for reporting illegal sales and usage of its products, and will work in conjunction with the Business Software Association of Australia to combat the problem.

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