IBM offers technical workshops

IBM offers technical workshops

IBM is staging free masterclass technical workshops throughout Australia on its RS/6000 family of Unix solutions. IBM sources say the three-hour workshops will "provide highly specialised technical information for RS/6000 system users".

The workshops, to be held throughout the year, will focus on a variety of subjects, including storage management, distributed systems management and performance management. The next topic on hand is availability management. This class will concentrate on hardware and software availability options, with special attention placed on recovery strategies and data damage control.

IBM national manager Brian Pacholke says one high availability option for commercial Unix environments is high availability clustered multi-processing (HACMP) software, which operates across a range of binary-compatible AIX RS/6000 systems.

"HACMP software also supports the largest number of active processor nodes, the widest variety of disk subsystems, all LAN topologies, and offers extensive support to the RDBMS vendor community."

The availability management workshops will be held at IBM locations in the following cities: Adelaide on May 21; Perth May 22; Melbourne May 23; Canberra May 28; Sydney May 29 and Brisbane May 30.

For more information, contact IBM's Sally Green on 1800 802 796

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