Internet software update: ASAP Web show

Internet software update: ASAP Web show

This software allows users to create Web-based reports or presentations which are rich in graphics and audio. Support for Real Audio has been included in the new software. It runs as either a Netscape 2.0 plug in or helper application for other browsers, and is free at www.spco.comWeb alertThis software package is designed to be used by people running commercial Web sites. It works as a business robot scanning the site and looking for user defined business events and then taking user defined action. The software can carry out tasks such as e-mailing users that have ordered or requested information, re-ordering or alerting when stock falls below certain levels and sending messages to customers based on time or frequency of use. It can be found at Notes Web PublisherThe latest version of Inter Notes Web Publisher has just been released by Lotus. It allows users of Lotus Notes version 4 to create, manage and administer their internal Intranet and public Web sites. The new version includes Web content design and management, support for client and server-based image map creation, drag-and-drop building of Web views, improved search performance to Web clients and support for three new operating systems. It's free at URL www.internotes.lotus.comWeb TrendsWeb Trends provides a complete break down of the data included in log files for your Web server and can answer questions such as what country or domain most visitors come from, when the busiest time of the day is, what pages are accessed and when, and many more questions you may have about site access. A 30-day full version for trial is available at www.webtrends.comNetscape Atlas previewAtlas is a special preview version of a new Netscape Navigator browser for network users. It combines three-dimensional imaging, video, and audio support and telephony into a single application to run across the corporate intranet. Currently the software is only available to LAN (local area network) users. A free preview can be found at www.netscape.comDonut Visual Basic interpreterDonut is a program that allows a Visual Basic form file to be transmitted over the Internet and viewed on a user's computer as a form. This form will then interact with the user and their Web browser to send or request information just like a normal Visual Basic program. It works with any Windows Web browser that supports DDE. Donut should be able to run most simple Visual Basic programs with few if any modifications, and can be found at is a new plug-in for users of Netscape's Navigator 2.0 hypertext browsing software that allows users to enjoy real-time animation online with modems from 14,400bit/sec upwards. This is a new version that corrects a previous bug related to colour. It's freeware at Office Internet add-onsMicrosoft has released three add-ons to Microsoft Office that make it easier to publish information on the Internet. New tools for Microsoft Access, Schedule+ and the PowerPoint presentation graphics program have been released by the company and can be downloaded from the Microsoft Web site. They can be found free at ScoutIf you're running a Web site on a Windows NT server and want to provide a searchable database of the documents for your users, then this could be your solution. Tippecanoe is making available a free application, Tecumseh Scout, that is capable of indexing up to 4,000 documents. Full text searching capabilities are available with the software. For users requiring larger databases, the company provides two other commercial products. Find it at www.tippecanoe.comSecure Computing's Internet suiteA suite of Internet related software has just been released by Secure Computing. A new secure Web browser, NetRanger, was released in addition to Diamondback, a Windows NT-based intrawall. Also released were new versions of Sidewinder (version 3.0), a firewall, and Lockout (version 3.0), an authentication system for giving secure remote access to trusted users. Check it out at World Wide Web: www.sctc.comVisual HTML BoardAdaptive Computer, a company specialising in software applications for people with disabilities, has released the Visual HTML Board. It's a hypertext editor designed for anyone, but especially those with a disability or mobility impairments. The software works with any Windows text editor or word processor, and is available at www.adaptive-computer.comMicrosoft Internet ExplorerNot wanting to be over-shadowed by Netscape and the release of version 3.0 of its Navigator Web browser this week, Microsoft has previewed version 3.0 of its software for surfing the World Wide Web. In the new Internet Explorer you will find support for video, voice, and data communications, and Microsoft says the software, "Implements the communication standards announced by Intel Corp and Microsoft and endorsed by more than 100 leading companies." Support for TrueType fonts in Web pages, new Microsoft-developed HTML tags and content monitoring is also included, at

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