A Nice Jolt into Orbit: business opportunities

A Nice Jolt into Orbit: business opportunities

There were many Israeli companies at Atug '96, most of whom are looking for Australian distributors. The following information was supplied by the Israel Trade Commission, and anyone interested in inquiring further about distribution rights can contact Josh Mehlman there.

Israel Trade Commission

Tel: (02) 264 7933 extension 2

Fax: (02) 290 2259

Jolt designs and manufactures wireless infra-redÊcommunicationsÊproducts. Applications include connecting LANs and PABXs between buildings, communications between parked aircraft and airport gates, and between a rotating ring and a stationary ring. Jolt is looking for a distributor with penetration in the telecommunications market which can install and service its products.

Sogo Electronics develops and supplies fully digital voice and call processing systems for the small to medium-sized office. Its range is compatible with all PABX and key systems, and includes single- and multiport voice-mail systems, automated attendants and international call-back diallers.

Nice Systems claims to be a world leader in computer telephone integration and signal intelligence systems. Its products include voice logging systems and direction finding systems for air and harbour traffic management.

Phasecom develops and manufactures advanced systems for data communication over cable and integrated telecommunications projects. Among its products are symmetrical/asymmetric modems, satellite receivers, modulators, demodulators and processors and communication interface units for multimedia communication over cable TV networks.

Areshet Systems produces and markets modular computer data security product lines for AS/400, Unix and IBM mainframe environments. Security functions include user authentication, access control, log and audit. Its products implement an external logical security management architecture suited for the client/server and multiplatform environments.

Micro Call develops and manufactures hardware and software for PC-based call processing products, providing total CTI solutions. Its products include a voice/fax mail auto attendant, an application generator for voice/fax/conferencing, an audiotex operator conference system and a unified multimedia messaging system.

Algorithmic Research is a specialist in data security systems. Its systems feature access control, authentication of communicating parties, data encryption and digital signatures for authentication and integrity of communicated/stored data.

Orbit Advanced Technologies designs and manufactures tracking systems for a wide range of applications such as ground-based, ground-mobile, airborne and shipboard systems and telemetry, communication and video transmission.

ASI Gates designs hardware and software connectivity products for the IBM Mainframe and AS/400 environments. Its OnePrint software enables connectivity between IBM hosts and LAN printers, supports AFP/IPDS, SCS and DSC printing and Novell NetWare, TCP/IP - LPR LDP and SMB over TCP/IP. The company is seeking software-oriented distributors.

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