Resellers worship new Eicon

Resellers worship new Eicon

Network hardware company Eicon Technology's reorganisation of its reseller base will lead to a more efficient allocation of resources within the channel, according to recently appointed national channel manager Michael Trinder.

Trinder says he has been given responsibility for establishing a "focused, technically competent and proactive channel" for Eicon's range of wide area solutions, including ISDN, frame relay and X.25 products, and for moving away from the scatter-gun approach the company has taken previously.

"What I'm aiming to do is to have a narrower focus in the dealer channel, and to work with dealers who are more suited to this equipment and this level of service," said Trinder. "That means allocating the resources necessary to keep them up to date, then putting the rest of the resources into educating the end user and raising awareness, so that we hit a greater area in terms of end user. Then we'll have a more educated, more specialised channel behind us to back up the delivery and support of products."

Trinder says the new approach saves Eicon's resources. "If we're constantly lobbying or trying to keep up-to-date a great shotgun approach to the dealer channel, we consume a lot of resources. And the end user doesn't get well looked after, because you've got people that just casually get involved with this equipment."

Eicon has signed up a select group of resellers under its Eicon Business Partner (EBP) program, including Praxa, Clear Technology, AusNetInfo and CNI. "They see that they don't have to fight the other 50,000 people who can resell Cisco equipment for five points of margin," said Trinder.

The selections have been made based on the reseller's reputation and knowledge in specific fields, such as Microsoft NT or Novell NetWare. "We don't want a group of dealers fighting over the same piece of pie. We can add to their revenues in the areas that they work in, without them having to compete with the other EBPs who can resell these products."

Trinder says that, previously, Eicon only used Com Tech, but this had led to a lack of channel and product focus. "It was just 'Let's push the whole line', as opposed to really getting in touch with a dealer's market and market segment. We'll always get involved with Com Tech and Com Tech's dealers when they get involved in projects, but for anything proactive we will work with the EBPs."

Trinder adds Eicon will never do business directly. "Dealers make the investment to put resources into understanding and being able to technically support a product line. As soon as they stumble across a big deal, we're not going to go and do the business direct. We will always stand, and have always stood, behind our dealer channel. Because at the end of the day it's your own credibility and track record that you stand on."


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