It's . . . SUPERVAN!

It's . . . SUPERVAN!

What's 13 metres long, contains a range of corporate computer systems, and can provide up to 100 remote terminals for use in disaster situations? It's Wang's new Mobile Recovery Centre, based in Sydney. The vehicle was developed in partnership with disaster recovery organisations ISSC, Digital, Data Security Systems and Perpetual Systems, who will on-sell the service to their customers.

Customers are required to adopt a recovery routine including backup and off-site storage. The recovery system is then tested on-site. Wang guarantees delivery of the van within 24 hours of the call in NSW, ACT and Vic, or 36 hours in SA and Qld. The van can operate at the disaster site, at another site belonging to the client or in a remote location such as a hotel parking lot.


Tel: 02)847 7100 Fax: (02) 847 7644

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