Monitor Internet usage with WebTrack

Monitor Internet usage with WebTrack

WebTrack claims to be the first Internet monitoring and filtering software for networks, allowing network administrators to control material accessed by employees surfing the Net.

"Since Net Nanny was announced we've had many requests for an Internet monitoring software for networks," said Philip Berner, director of Surf's UP! Software, the company that distributes WebTrack.

"There is also marginal concern regarding liability for enabling pornographic or unwanted material to enter the office," he added. WebTrack is a Unix box that sits on any network. It installs a proxy server behind the network's firewall, which enables control over information accessed via the Net by a Control List. The WebTrack Control List is a categorised listing of over 25,000 URLs. The list includes sites deemed anti-productive to a working environment, including sites having to do with sexually explicit material, illegal drugs, on-line gambling, entertainment and job searches. Additional sites or URLs can be added or removed as required, and the software allows all URL requests to be logged, so management knows exactly what is being accessed, and when.

WebTrack offers reports on corporate Internet usage, thus attempting to ensure the Internet remains a useful business tool. WebTrack RRP is $795 for five users. Site licences are also available.

Surf's UP! Software

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