What's new from: ASUS, Intel, AMD, Kingston, Torosaurus

What's new from: ASUS, Intel, AMD, Kingston, Torosaurus

Asus A8V Deluxe

Asustek Computer (Asus) has introduced the A8V Deluxe motherboard. It bundles the 802.11b/g add-on wireless card to provide access point (AP) functions and a user-friendly interface for WLAN setup, according to the company. The A8V Deluxe also delivers a 2000MT/s system bus and support for AMD’s latest Socket 939 Athlon64FX/Athlon 64 processor to handle future 64-bit operating systems. The 802.11b/g feature can serve as an AP to connect multiple devices to the Internet wirelessly or if there is already an existing AP, it is also a wireless adapter for PC to sync up to existing WLAN. It is ideal for locations with only one Internet line but multiple devices that need online connection. It is compliant to IEEE 802.11g 54Mbps data transfer. The motherboard features AI Audio, which monitors audio jack connection, ensuring the right peripheral is plugged into the right place, the company said. If faulty connection occurs, AI Audio automatically sends out a message informing users of the problem. Motherboard specifications include: VIA K8T800Pro + VT8237; Dual-channel DDR 400 (ECC/non-ECC unbuffered). 4 x 184-pin DIMM Max. 4GB; AGP 8x; Integrated Gigabit LAN; 802.11b/g WLAN card; 2 x IEEE 1394; Coaxial/Optica S/PDIF-out; 5 x PCI; and 4 x Serial ATA support RAID 0,1, 0+1 and JBOD. It is distributed in Australia by Synnex Australia.

RRP: $209

Intel 915G, 915P, 925X

Intel has rolled out a set of express chipsets — the 915G, 915P and 925X — that the company said offer increased functionality and efficiency. Motherboards and desktop computers based on the Intel 915G Express chipset, designed for the Intel Pentium 4 processor supporting Hyper-Threading (HT) technology in the LGA775 package, deliver key features including the PCI Express buses, which can deliver over 3.5 times more bandwidth for I/O and graphics cards than PCI and AGP8X, respectively. The technology supports both the built-in Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) 900, which supports widescreen LCD displays and accelerated DirectX 9 3D, plus support for PCI Express graphics cards. The dual channel DDR2 533 memory, which can deliver up to 8.5Gbps bandwidth, and dual channel DDR memory allows for a range of memory configurations. The 915P chipset, meanwhile, offers increased system responsiveness for multi-tasking. The chip also offers faster storage performance with the Intel Matrix Storage Technology in the ICH6R or RW component, which also provides enhanced RAID technology which protects data while increasing performance on the same serial ATA drives. With high-bandwidth PCI Express buses for I/O and graphics cards, dual-channel DDR2 memory, 800MHz system bus, four Serial ATA 150 ports and faster storage performance, Intel said the 925 express chipset maximizes system performance with the Intel Pentium 4 processor with HT technology extreme edition. Other features include: enhanced memory pipelining; wider internal buses; the ICH6 component and faster boot times.

For a price list and distributor names, contact

AMD Athlon 64 FX-53

AMD has launched four processors in the AMD Athlon 64 processor line featuring the Enhanced Virus Protection (EVP) capability for desktop and mobile computing. When enabled by the upcoming Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2, the AMD Athlon 64 FX-53 and AMD Athlon 64 processors (3800+, 3700+ and 3500+) will provide users with a more secure computing environment, according to the company. The AMD Athlon FX-53 processor and AMD Athlon processors 3800+ and 3500+ are also now available in AMD’s new 939-pin package, a platform designed to provide customers with enhanced performance and longevity. AMD64 processors also feature the Direct Connect Architecture, which directly connects the memory controller and I/O to the central processor unit, improving overall system performance and efficiency, the company said. Direct Connect Architecture helps eliminate the bottlenecks inherent in older, competitive technologies that feature a front-side bus.

RRP: All pricing is in 1000-unit quantities. The AMD Athlon 64 FX-53 processor is priced at $799. The AMD Athlon 64 processor models 3800+, 3700+ and 3500+ are priced at $720, $710 and $500, respectively. For a list of distributors, visit

Kingston DDR2

Kingston Technology has released a range of 400MHz and 500MHz memory modules that support motherboards based on the Intel Express 915G and 925X chipsets, including the recently-launched Intel Desktop Boards. Intel 915G and 925X Express Chipset-based Intel Desktop Boards feature support for new PCI Express x16 Graphics, Intel High Definition Audio and the new Prescott Core P4 processor. The DDR2 400MHz and 500MHz memory modules are available in capacities ranging from 256MB up to 2GB kits, and were developed to support the latest motherboards and systems as they are released. Features of the DDR2 products include: 1.8 volts operation, reducing power consumption by about 50 per cent; memory signal termination inside the memory chip (“On-Die Termination”) to prevent reflected signal transmission errors; operational enhancements to increase memory performance, efficiency and timing margins; and CAS Latencies: 3 and 4. The product is distributed in Australia by Kingston, Ingram Micro, Synnex Australia, Simms International, Tech Pacific and Dicker Data.

RRP: End user prices range from $350 to $1438

Torosaurus 64

Targeted at hardcore PC gamers, Also Technology has launched a computer system using 64-bit technology. Other components of the Vogue Torosaurus include 1000mhz FSB, which incorporates the use of an AMD 64-bit processor, dual DDR memory up to 1Gig, and stripped hard drives. The system is housed in an A-open case featuring an upgraded 450w power supply. Other specifications include, among others: MSI K8T Neo-2 FIR main board, VIA 8237 chipset, SATA RAID, Panasonic 1.44MB floppy drive (3.5-inch black), Logitech Premium desktop keyboard and optical mouse, and Sound Blaster Live 5.1. The product is distributed exclusively in Australia by Also Technology.

RRP: $3699

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