Intel will support Java

Intel will support Java

The Web world has gained another influential backer. Intel is bringing its multimedia expertise to Java by supporting Sun's Media extensions to the Java API set.

Specifically, Intel intends to support the audio, animation and video API extensions to Java on the Windows/x86 environment, Intel officials said. Intel is developing support for the APIs even though the software will end up residing within or on top of the various Windows platforms, including Windows 3.x, Windows 95 and Windows NT, according to the company.

The two-part process will first involve defining the media types that will be supported across all of the Java-enabled platforms, said Burt Perry, Intel's US-based Java program manager. The media definitions will ensure that applets written on one Java platform will be recognisable by all the other Java environments, he said.

According to Intel, the second part of the development effort will be to optimise the way Intel's processors, from the 486 to the Pentium Pro, run the defined media classes. Currently, the media types are still being defined, Perry said. Intel's x86-optimised software is also "very much in the pre-alpha state", he added. Perry says one part of the optimisation will be to ensure that the Java Media API set works with Intel's upcoming P55C, a 200MHz Pentium processor with Intel's MMX multimedia extensions.

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