Marcam signals retreat by abandoning its local ops

Marcam signals retreat by abandoning its local ops

After launching its Protean manufacturing package in February, Marcam last week backed out of the Australian market, handing over the supply and support of its complete product range to Commercial Software Services Ltd (CSSL) Australia.

Although no formal statement has been issued yet, Peter Williams, general manager of CSSL, confirms that CSSL has bought all of Marcam's Australian assets and taken over its local leases.

Williams says Marcam retrenched all its Australian corporate staff; however, all technical staff have been employed by CSSL.

Although a relative newcomer to the Australian market, CSSL is said to have quite a strong presence in South East Asia in supply and support of Marcam's products. One informed industry source believes the reason behind Marcam's surprise withdrawal was that the company found itself struggling after a heavy investment in the Protean software, followed by fairly slow sales.

Williams, however, believes the move is more of a rationalisation to fall into line with its Asian operations.

Neil Weston, managing director of Oracle Australia, said: "From our perspective, Marcam are global partners of ours; however, in Australia they've done very little - in fact almost nothing, so the impact on us would be minimal. As for CSSL taking it over, we would welcome some action," he said.

Gary Mitchell, general manager of operations at CA, said: "The Australian manufacturing marketplace has a lot of players in it, especially in the AS/400 market. Dominated by the likes of CA PRMS and SSA's BPCS, making inroads would not be an easy task.

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