Help wanted

Help wanted

We need your help. Australian Reseller News is going to start a street price report. We expect to show popular retail computer hardware and software prices, and how they change.

But exactly what we put into it and how we gather the data is open ended at the moment. For instance, do we publish a single, average street price for a product, an absolute lowest, or a reasonable range? For Acne Accounts software the recommended retail price could be $199, the lowest price around town $109 and the average price $169.

And what sort of products should be covered? Just retail or ranging into the COGO area too? We need your feedback before we get going on this project. We'd appreciate your answers to these questions:

1: Is this a good idea?

2: What types of software should be covered?

3: What sorts of hardware should be covered?

4: Do we publish a single street price or a range?

5: Will publishing these figures have an effect on the marketplace, and if so, what?

6: Should these figures be kept within the channel or will it hurt if they are passed to the public?

7: Should there be a fixed panel of resellers who provide the figures, or should the group be changed each time?

8: Should the names of the resellers on the panel be secret or public?

9: Should any types of reseller be excluded from the panel?

In addition, we'd like to hear from resellers who are willing to be included on the panel, and answer a short, e-mailed survey on a regular basis. No answers would ever be attributed to a particular reseller. Please e-mail your comments to me and/or indicate your willingness to be on the panel. Thanks to those who are able to spare the time doing this.

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