New distributor aims to be proactive

New distributor aims to be proactive

Many resellers complain of the problems they have in getting through to distributors. One start-up distribution firm is working to turn that situation around.

From its beginnings as a mail-order distribution firm in February 1995, World Infotainment switched its focus in May this year to become a full distribution company based on telemarketing.

According to business development manager Donna Gilchrist, World Infotainment's emphasis on telemarketing gives it a stance more proactive than simple order taking. "We're basing the business on outbound telemarketing, whereas our competition waits for the phone to ring."

Also, Gilchrist believes that having empathy with the reseller's situation will be important in winning business. "You've got to be the reseller and understand how difficult it must be. And if you're aware of those hurdles, you can overcome them a lot easier if you are prepared," she said.

World Infotainment is currently distributing products from Samsung, NEC and Sony, as well as MiroMotion video cards. "We don't expect to sell the whole solution, but we will sell the integral parts of that solution - the hardware," she said.

Gilchrist said she is keen to avoid the common distributor problem of out-of-stocks. "When we sell something we try to top up, so we constantly want to deliver eight hours a day, five days a week, so there's no back ordering.

"If you're a reseller and a customer walks through your door, it takes ten times the effort to make that sale and nothing to lose it. And they can lose it if they don't have the product to sell to that customer. And the same goes for me, if I don't have that product to give to my customer, and he can't on-sell it, then we're all dead. And that's what I'm trying to implement," she said.

Gilchrist said she is confident the company's approach will lead to growth. "We're young, we're focused and we're very persistent, because we know we're here for the long haul. And we want our reseller market to know we're with them every step of the way," she said.

World InfotainmentÊTel: (02) 638 5538ÊFax: (02) 638 5292

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