Win95 idiosyncrasies

Win95 idiosyncrasies

For every new convenience and shortcut that Windows 95 provides us with, it sometimes seems Win95 adds an equal number of irritations.

Good examples are the new dialogue boxes that insist on reminding us - again and again and again - about the most obvious things.

If you try to change the spelling of a file extension in the Explorer, you see a nagging dialogue box saying, "If you change a filename extension, the file may become unusable. Are you sure you want to change it?"

If you select several files and you try to delete the set, Win95 halts on every executable file. If more than one executable is in the set of files, you can click Yes To All to dismiss the dialogue box.

Nag messages from the recycle bin can be turned off by changing properties. But if you press Shift+Delete to delete files without holding them first in the Recycle Bin, you get hit with the message, "Are you sure you want to delete FILENAME.TXT?" You must answer Yes to this dialogue box every time.

Several dial-up services, such as the Microsoft Network, require you to click Connect or a similar button every time you do something to launch your Internet browser.

There is a way to turn these irritations off for good, with a free utility from RtvSoft of London. It's called RtvReco, because it was originally conceived to automatically press the Reconnect button for you when an Internet connection drops. But the newest version does much more.

RtvReco 5.0 basically enables you to define a button or menu item for it to click whenever it detects any window that might appear on your display. To suppress the dialogue box that appears when you try to rename a file extension, for instance, you can define an action to occur when RtvReco sees a window with "Rename" in the title bar. If the window also contains the string, "If you change . . . ," RtvReco can click the Yes button for you.

The latest version is listed as RtvReco 5.0, Beta 8, but, like many Internet "beta" applications, it seems to be very solid at this point. RtvReco is available from these Web sites.

A complete explanation of all of RtvReco's features is available by printing the file rtvrecouser.htm. After unzipping and configuring the program, you can create a shortcut to the executable in your StartUp folder so you'll enjoy RtvReco every time you start Windows.

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