New company looks for growth in channel

New company looks for growth in channel

The burgeoning remote access market is the target for new Sydney-based company, ServerTech. Originally the team behind modem-maker Simple Computing, the new company is looking to develop add-in card-based solutions to remote access needs.

Its first products, the Modem Remote Access Card RAC 400 and RAC 800, are PC add-in cards which host either four or eight separate V.34 BIS 33.6Kbit/sec modems on a single board.

According to managing director John Warwick, ServerTech is looking to sell exclusively through channels, and will not at any stage sell directly to end users. "The sort of relationships we want is that ServerTech are the expert resource behind the channel. We'll obviously be looking to the channel to do it, we'll be supporting the channel, we'll be providing the appropriate warranties and all of that stuff. We'll be doing the training of the channel, be that technical or sales."

Warwick said that ServerTech is yet to appoint a distributor, but is looking to appoint one at a national level. "I'm really looking for value added distribution."

Warwick said a strength of the RAC cards are that they are designed to work on a wide variety of platforms, provided they have an ISA bus. He added that its compact design enables up to eight cards to be fitted in a single server, allowing up to sixty-four ports.

"Now you would need a specially designed server to get eight spare slots, but in terms of addressing structures you can get up to eight slots in." Warwick said ServerTech has already demonstrated a server running as many as six cards. "You've suddenly got a rack modem. If you connect stacks of these things by Ethernet, and you've got 1,000 modems, this is actually better packing density than most of the current rack modems."

Warwick said the products have also been designed to provide a high level of remote control, including the ability to block out or reset modems. It will work with Windows NT and Unix based systems without a driver, and a driver for NetWare systems will be available soon.

As for ServerTech, Warwick said the company is looking to develop card-based solutions for creating communications servers, adding products such as Frame Relay and ISDN to the line. "It's all PC card-based. We're trying to provide a complete range of solutions for people trying to build communication servers for the remote access market."

Warwick said the products have already received Austel approval, and when released next month will retail for under $4,500 ex tax.

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