Servers good news for resellers

Servers good news for resellers

Fujitsu has launched into the Pentium Pro server market with a range of products it believes will beat a lot of competitors on price.

British-based general manager for Fujitsu ICL performance servers David Pritchard says the new J600i superservers will carry prices starting below $20,000 excluding tax, and will be flexible enough to scale up to enterprise needs. "One of the key issues that people struggle with today is how to size a system," says Pritchard, "and knowing which way their business will go over three or so years, because people keep these machines for a long period. So they need expandability. In this case they can expand processors, expand memory and add in disks. That's one of the key things."

The new Pentium Pro-based servers support as many as four CPUs, with up to 12 drive bays for storage. Pritchard believes the power and scalability of these systems offer users a chance to replace disparate and difficult to manage smaller systems. "The biggest trends we're seeing in the server market today are things like consolidation, where people are using lots of diverse operating systems on different hardware and trying to make it manageable.

"If you look at a lot of the costs of running machines, they are not actually in buying hardware or operating systems. They are in keeping the things up to date, keeping the right levels of software in place, keeping the communications protocols talking to each other and adding new machines."

Pritchard said the Fujitsu name is also a key selling point, as he expects a number of smaller players to fall by the wayside. He added thatthe ICL name will start to disappear from its product range, as Fujitsu moves towards uniformmarketing.

Pritchard says Fujitsu is working closely with Intel on its future chip direction, and will also build machines based on the NUMA multiprocessor architecture when it is available.

Fujitsu Australia business development manager for server systems Alvaro del Pozo says he expects roughly 50 per cent of the J600I superservers will be shipped through channels, rising to 80 per cent in 1998.

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