Shiva focuses on Australian market

Shiva focuses on Australian market

Remote-access pro-duct manufacturer Shiva has set up shop in Australia with the opening of an office in North Sydney to be run by country manager Steve Byatt, who comes to Shiva from modem manufacturer Banksia. Like many managers these days, Byatt is singing the praises of the reseller channel.

"Shiva will be sold exclusively by our channel partners. The only reason vendors go direct is because they haven't done a good job in training or supporting the channel," he said. "If you do those things - and make a commitment to the channel - the benefits can be tremendous. You can, in effect, have hundreds of sales people working for you."

Byatt identifies Ascent, Cisco and 3Com as Shiva's three main competitors and says the company has distinguished itself by "staying focused on remote users and their limitations. Shiva's technology is focused on making remote use efficient, as opposed to being focused on high-bandwidth products and seeing remote access as a sideline."

Under his watch as country manager, Byatt says Shiva will continue with its three-prong distribution strategy - Com Tech, One World and DNA - in order to market its six main products:l NetModem/E 28.8 (ethernet), a remote-access server solution aimed at small or branch offices;l LanRover/2E Plus, a multi-function remote access server solution for small to medium-sized offices;l LanRover/E and LanRover/T (ethernet and token ring), for remote access server solutions with higher port needs;l LanRover/E Plus and LanRover/T Plus (ethernet and token ring), for users who "want to simplify server management and maximise investment protection";l LanRover Access Switch, "providing large scale remote access enabling as many as 78 concurrent analog and ISDN users"; andl AccessPort ISDN Client Router, an ISDN remote access client system - designed for use with the LanRover Access Switch.

Byatt says there's money to be made for resellers and integrators selling Shiva products. "In some instances, you're talking about margins of 20 to 30 points. The primary reason for this is that Shiva hasn't made its products a commodity; they're specialised remote-access products. When you're dealing with products as a commodity, the emphasis is totally on price, and you can get caught up in that," he said. "With a higher end product you can sell on functionality and performance. In a corporate environment, customers are looking for support, performance and manageability - with price often coming at the bottom of the list."

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