Natcomp drives for success with Hyundai

Natcomp drives for success with Hyundai

Gladesville-based distributor Natcomp is banking on Hyundai's popularity as a motor vehicle replicating itself in the computer market. Natcomp is supporting a new line of multimedia, Pentium-based Hyundai PCs aimed at the "small business and home markets where price is paramount".

"The reaction from resellers and users has been excellent," said Fabio Grassia, managing director of Natcomp. "And there's a very simple reason for that reaction: it allows people to get away from clones. The difference in price between a clone and a Hyundai is about $150. So, for a small amount of money, people are getting far more quality."

Although Hyundai is based in Korea, the Phantom II PC range is manufactured in Germany. According to Natcomp, the medium-tower processors come in a range of configurations, with 16Mb of RAM standard on all models. RRP for a P100 model is $1,995.

Phantom features

Natcomp's Grassia says the Hyundai PCs include:l a three-year, return-to-base warranty;l fast pipeline burst cache (256K);l 64-bit PCI local bus video memory (1 or 2Mb);l 1.6Gb hard disk space;l 1.44Mb 3.5-inch floppy drive;l 8x speed CD-ROM drive;l 16-bit FM stereo sound card;l 32-bit S/W MPEG video card;l I/O ports (one printer, two serial and two PS/2);l four PCI slots, four ISA slots.

According to Natcomp, standard systems configuration includes a 14-inch Hyundai monitor, a 104-key Windows 95 keyboard, a mouse and mouse pad. Windows 95 is bundled with each system, pre-loaded.

Users who want to explore the Internet can have an internal 28.8 Netcomm fax modem fitted, Grassia said. "There's also a range of Hyundai monitors available in 15-, 17- and 21-inch models," he said.


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