Comdex falls on 18-22 November

Comdex falls on 18-22 November

It's the greatest circus on earth! It's Comdex Fall in Las Vegas, and you're either there or . . . you're not. For those who do want to go, and haven't done anything about it, time is running short. You can either buy a package from the organisers or do it yourself, and possibly save a lot of money. You'll find that all the big hotels are booked out now, so buying through the Comdex people may be the easiest way to go. The alternative is to get there and ring around the smaller hotels, making noises like a gambler in search of a place to spend money.

Registration for the show itself is free for we visitors from overseas. If you want to attend some or all of the conference sessions, it may cost you, depending on how persuasive you can be. There are over 70 sessions this year, covering almost all conceivable topics, from CTI to DVD to J++. To give you an idea of hotel costs, Comdex will sell a room in the Hilton for $US269 a night, or in a cheap motel for less than $US100.

The show runs a full five days from Monday 18th November until Friday 22nd. It's worth getting in a couple of days early to acclimatise, shop and avoid the gambling. Whatever you do, register at the International Business centre (usually next to the registration tent) where you'll get a lot of extra help and facilities not afforded to the US attendees.

You can contact Comdex on the web at, or by fax on +1-617-449 2674 or phone at +1-617-433 1650. You can get a registration form faxed back by dialling +1-617-449 5554 on your fax machine and entering code 39 when it asks.

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