Apple moves into easier pricing

Apple moves into easier pricing

Following the latest price drops from PC vendors Toshiba, Dell, Compaq, and others, Apple Computer has dropped its prices on some of its high-end notebook computers.

Apple's PowerBook Duo 2300c 8/750 with an internal modem has dropped from $6,295 to $4,995; the PowerBook Duo 2300c 20/1G with modem is now $6,495; and the PowerBook 5300c 16/750 has fallen to $5,795.

In its network server range, the company's Workgroup Server 6150/66 is now $3,495; the Workgroup Server 7250/120 is now $5,995; and the Workgroup Server 8550/132 is now $12,495.

Prices for both the PowerBook Duo and 5300 notebooks, and Workgroup servers include sales tax. Apple has also dropped software prices in its newest cuts: AppleSearch falls from $2,695 to $995; Apple Internet Router has dropped to $545; and Apple's scripting language, AppleScript, is now $99, down from $295.

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