Com Tech is once again the Cisco kid

Com Tech is once again the Cisco kid

The reorganisation of Com Tech has resulted in the company working again with one of its old partners, Cisco Systems.

Com Tech discontinued distribution of Cisco products two years ago, when another of its suppliers, Synoptics, merged with Wellfleet to create Bay Networks. The resulting conflict between the two product lines meant one of them had to go - in this instance it was Cisco who lost out.

The new Com Tech Network Integration company has welcomed back Cisco with open arms, going so far as to invite Cisco managing director Scott Ferguson to speak at Com Tech's press briefing two weeks ago.

"We recognise Com Tech as being one of, if not the, leading channel within the market," Ferguson said. "And Com Tech recognises Cisco as being the leading product within the market, and it kind of extends that we do business together."

Ferguson said he remained in contact with Com Tech after the split, but the arrangement with Bay Networks precluded the two companies from working together. "Until Com Tech themselves reorganised, there wasn't any sensible opportunity for us to do business together. So, given the equity stake by [South African company] Dimension Data, given the change in Com Tech's business model, and given the change in the basis of the relationship with Bay, it's now a very comfortable relationship."

Com Tech must now go through the process of gaining Cisco accreditation. Ferguson says Com Tech will not be receiving any special favours in getting there. "The agreement that Com Tech is on is no different to our other major resellers. There are a number of our major partners that I get directly involved with for sales campaigns and training, but Com tech isn't receiving any special favours or special attention."

Ferguson added that aside from the integration business the door remains open for Com Tech to distribute the Cisco Pro range of products.

"With the plug and play Cisco Pro products we continually review our channel to market there. And whilst today it only goes through Tech Pacific and LAN Systems, that doesn't preclude arrangements with any other distributor."

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