Intersolv launches tool developer series

Intersolv launches tool developer series

US-based development tool provider, Intersolv, has announced its new Allegra Series in a bid to help users marry object technology with client/server and the Internet.

According to Intervolv sources, the Series will fill an existing hole in the client/server marketplace by combining visual ease-of-use with the scaleability, performance and portability of C++.

Gary Greenfield, president and COO of Intersolv, said the product line was aimed at component-based application development for mission-critical applications. "With Allegra, we have focused on the client/server market, and with this development environment are offering the scaleability for the widespread deployment of client/server," he said.

Features of the series include drag and drop application partitioning, built in support for distributed components, application management and enterprise-level re-use. According to Intersolv, the product series is centred on an interactive object repository and will comprise: the Allegris Constructor for rapid component assembly, with RRPs starting at $1,799; Allegris DataDesigner for business object and database design with an RRP of $1,499; Allegris Object Repository - a workgroup management framework - for storing, re-using and managing objects; and Allegris Workshop - an environment for C++ experts to build components and applications, starting at $999.

Available in November, the system will work with Windows 95 and NT, HP/UX, Solaris, AIX, Web servers, MS SQL Server, Sybase, Oracle, Informix, SQL Anywhere, ODBC and a range of network environments.


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