SA Government taps resellers

SA Government taps resellers

Two resellers and three local PC assemblers have come out as winners following the announcement of the final cut for the South Australian government's preferred supplier panel for desktop PCs. The finalists for the two-year Standard PC Panel are IBM (represented by CPM&S), Fujitsu (represented by Southmark Computers Systems), Protech, Microbits and Lodin.

Membership of the government's Standard PC Panel gives members the opportunity to compete for over $30 million of sales in three Standard PC (SPC) configurations; normal, advanced and specialist. While they are the only suppliers of PCs to the South Australian government, they are required to adhere to a number of conditions, such as maximum prices set at best-in-the-country for equivalent PCs.

Suppliers are required to guarantee best pricing, and in the event of a government agency purchasing Standard PCs and then discovering that comparable PC deals have been made at lower cost within 30 days prior to their purchase the supplier is required to refund the difference. Also, for three months between configuration reviews suppliers are restricted to selling SPCs at or below the price agreed in the previous review.

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