TechPac farms out small dealers

TechPac farms out small dealers

If you were one of the legacy Merisel resellers who got passed to Tech Pacific after the buyout, and you haven't bought much from TechPac lately, you'll probably have received a letter informing you that you no longer have a TechPac account. The reason is that the distributor has a minimum trading balance of $2,000 per month.

But as you'll also know, TechPac has appointed sub-distributors who will supply you with product at standard TechPac dealer prices. The two in Sydney are: Compusel Distribution in Lindfield and Unlimited Computer Services in Northmead. They will establish new credit arrangements with resellers, and stock at least 20 per cent of the entire TechPac range of products.

One disadvantage of the new system is that tech support and warranty claims will have to be done using the sub-distributor as a go-between.

You will not be authorised to contact TechPac directly as your direct relationship will have ceased.

Compusel Distribution

Tel (02) 9416 6700 Fax (02) 9415 6100

Unlimited Computer Services

Tel (02) 9890 2727 Fax (02) 9890 2626

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