ARWeb provides Internet remedy

ARWeb provides Internet remedy

A product capable of extending the functionality of help desks across the Internet has been released for Remedy Corporation's Action Request (AR) System.

Distributed in Australia by Sydney-based ITC, ARWeb acts as a gateway between Remedy's AR System and the Internet. Users can then query a common help desk database for immediate assistance, submit requests for action or check on the status of previous requests via any contemporary Web browser.

According to ITC product manager for Remedy Barry Keown, the ARWeb gateway gives a remote worker access to most aspects of the AR System. Keown says the product will find use in situations where corporations are looking to benchmark their external help facilities. "There's now a very strong orientation amongst IT shops inside big enterprises to look at their customer service delivery and the standards and benchmarks against which they'll be evaluated in terms of performance.

"In terms of best-practice, enterprises are looking to see how quickly they can close-out, for instance, the installation of a phone or repair of a washing machine. In the past those industries have tended not to have been put under that type of customer service pressure."

Keown says an example might be a company that services home appliances. In this situation, a fault is logged by a user and a response activity is triggered. "In Remedy that leads to the creation of a ticket of activity, that needs to be fulfilled within certain criteria. Management needs to know whether or not those criteria have been met, if some expectation of service or turnaround had been given." A message of urgency is sent by pager to a service technician. Once the problem is fixed the technician can then dial in to the AR System using the Web via a notebook or handheld terminal and send back a ticket closing that out. "The pager to tell me about it was critical - closing out of the ticket wasn't," says Keown.

Keown says ARWeb is also useful in Intranet situations, and requires no HTML programming to generate Web pages.

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